Saturday, June 19, 2010

we can shine.

i don't know if i'm happy or sad or anything. i just am.

i changed my hair again. light on top and dark on the bottom now. it is..interesting.
not really good or bad. i felt like experimenting. and it's looks okay. the only weird thing is that now my roots are really light. they just wanted to be for some reason.
yes, as though my hair has a mind of its own. although, sometimes i think it does.
all in all it looks kinda cool. kinda funky. but not too much. but with my roots so light people will probably think i dyed it darker, not lighter. haha. oh well.

so..I finished Love, Stargirl. It had a nice ending. But now I'm back to having nothing to read, but that's okay because i have school stuff starting on monday. i'll be so occupied with that that i won't have much time to read for fun anyway. i'll be too busy reading my textbooks instead. not that they won't be interesting. well, some of them.
but the book i just read, i loved it. maybe not as much as the first one, but getting that look into Stargirl's true way of being and feeling was really helpful to me. i feel like i learned something about myself.

i hope i can stay this way, at least for a while. it feels good. not too much of anything.

it reminds me though, that lately i've had an obsession with stars. i keep doodling them everywhere. on everything. it's fun.
i think i've always really liked stars. and what they can represent. because they can represent pretty much anything you want them to.
hopes. dreams. love. the vastness of the universe. infinity. how unique every little thing can be. life. need. support systems.

i think about how we need our own star. the sun. how we rely on it. and how the moon needs the sun to shine. how the world has a special kind of beauty in the sun's light.

it's like magic. stars are magical, in their own way.

which finally brings me to this:

people are like stars. for many, many reasons. i love how easy it is to make this connection.

with all my heart,

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