Wednesday, May 11, 2011

home is where the heart is.

the white face that chased away your dreams has found it's home on the blank canvas. the silent silhouette of your childhood lingers on the south end of the last street you remembered. a rain drop and a tear drop are the same.

bleeding fingers and bruised bones; these things i'm never lacking, dear. i'm picking scabs, tracing scars, and breaking my soul apart again. i'm dancing away off the cliff and finding belonging in the emptiness, the melancholy of an endless blue sky.

those you once knew. the woman with the fair hair and bright eyes. the child always screaming in the afternoon. the girl who seemed to know her place was nowhere. the boy who ran too far and fell into darkness.

a heart on my sleeve is what i offer up now, in these days i keep counting down. it has been beaten and broken and lost and forsaken, but it is yours for the taking. i'm am a ghost, your ghost, the ghost of a distant past.

home never stayed in one place. and never stayed long enough for you to recognize. you saw it once, you thought, but you could never really be sure. you never really felt it.

i am here. heart and soul and mind and body. love and hate and kindness and fear. here i am, to hold your hand. i am where you belong. you are where i rest in peace.

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