Wednesday, November 24, 2010

video killed the radio star

I need a webcam. Seriously. So i can make videos for my sisters and get on skype with people. It is rather irritating because my laptop has a webcam, but the school removed the software for it so i can't use it. here i was all excited because I finally had a webcam, and i might never be able to use it. total fail.

I actually sort of have a christmas wish list this year.
So besides a webcam, I am also hoping for a tablet (which my father promised he would get me last year so I'm keeping my fingers crossed), new glasses (since the ones i have are broken and causing me to have headaches every day), new paintbrushes(the ones i have are the ones i got back in 9th grade) and Scupley clay (to make cool stuff for peoples :D)


life is cool. there is someone new i met who is quickly becoming one of my best friends. it is nice to feel appreciated, wanted, respected, loved.

life is working for me. i wrote a new song and hope to record it possibly before the year is over. i am pretty much caught up with Nanowrimo. It's exciting. I feel cool.

I did not get the job I was hoping for, but that is just fine. I'll keep trying. I'll get there somehow.

People make mistakes. I volunteered to get blood drawn by one of the phlebotomy students and the needle came out before she took off the tourniquet, causing blood to shoot out of my arm and onto the table, floor, and my scrub pants. I got really lightheaded, but it was no big deal as far as i'm concerned. I'm happy to help. they're learning, so i know mistakes will be made.
yet i understand the importance of volunteering. they need practice. they need real people to practice on. I'm happy to help out.

time for me run off to pharmacology class now.

all my love,


  1. also, i was thinking there are a couple songs that i know that it would be cool if daddy learned how to play and we did a duet to or something. like jar of hearts. and its probably not hard to learn on piano. you know? I might email him about it but I just wanted to throw that out there.