Saturday, November 27, 2010

jeepers creepers

I spent most of my day today at a used book store working on my novel and chatting with some of my fellow wrimo's (we have write-ins at this place every saturday) when this one guy showed up.
i was over the the smaller table alone because i needed to charge my laptop battery a little bit.
the guy almost walks by, but seeing my interesting hat(it's a black one with ear flaps and cat ears that i wore because it is freezing in that place) he just had to stop to talk to me. which didn't bother me until...
he kept talking. on and on. note the fact that his words were not spoken quite clearly (his voice sounded very muffled) and that i have never ever seen this guy in my entire life. ever. after several minutes, i was sitting there trying to figure out how i could steer the conversation in such a direction as to finish it up so i could go back to my typing. finally, he shut up and walked off.

i went back to talking.

and then he appeared again and started talking to me. again. this time, thankfully, he didn't say much before walking off again.

later on, i go off looking around the store, checking out the various books they have. I see the guy walking around, let's call him F, so immediately my instincts took over and i darted into one of the areas surrounded by books so he wouldn't see me. after a couple of minutes i emerged and he was nowhere in sight. taking caution, i began to sneak around and watch my back. i eventually crossed over to another section. and i became aware of the fact that F was walking around some distance away in the area behind me. i tried to ignore this fact so i could focus on searching the books in that area.
after about a minute a feel slightly relieved because it seems that F is not going to come over to me. in fact, he is now nowhere in sight. I continue to peruse a bit in this section.

and then i hear them. quiet footsteps. headed in my direction. and i know it's F. but instead of walking away, i continue to look through the books at hope i'm just paranoid.

i'm not. and even though i saw it coming, the instant he touched my shoulder i jumped out of my skin for a moment.

OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD. wtf is it this time??

i turn around, annoyed at the fact that i jumped (i am pretty sure i jumped even though i knew this was coming because it was so cold in the store that my back was all tensed up). i am determined to not be scared though. even though this guy is much bigger than me, probably twice my weight. i try not to panic. sure, i am alone with this guy in a dark corner of a used bookstore, but i'ts so quiet i'm pretty sure if he does anything bad my screams will be heard by everyone in the building.

and then he asks me my age. me being me, i was honest when i answered this question. in retrospect, it might not have been such a good idea to tell him my real age. i have no idea.

there was one day years ago when i was only 16 and i went walking to rite aid in my cute strappy red plaid dress and combat boots.
a guy who looks to be in his early twenties, standing right outside of rite aid, comes up to me and asks me how old i am.
crap. however, when i told him the truth he basically backed off. the good thing was that even if he hadn't i was right outside of rite aid in broad daylight and i was wearing my big combat boots. it would have been easy enough to either kick his ass or run away into rite aid had he tried anything. but he didn't. but just be safe, i hurried into rite aid and stayed in there for a while.

but back to today.
i told F my age, at which point he asked "Are you sure?"
"Well, yeah," I answered. "Why wouldn't I know my own age?"
At this point I am thinking about the fact that I often get mistaken as being only 16(which is kinda funny considering that back when I was 16 i often was mistaken as being at least 21) and that is probably why he is asking (well and obviously because he wants to know if i'm underage or not).

i then turn away and continue to look at the books, and soon enough he leaves me alone again.

but dang. wtf? what a creeper. i went back to my nano buddies and told them what happened. one of them told me that he was actually there earlier in the day last saturday as well.

so maybe it's a good thing that this was the last saturday write-in for nanowrimo. chances are i won't see F the Creeper ever again (i hope).

even so, i typed over 4000 words today. I am so far ahead i will actually reach 50000 words some time tomorrow.

total win. i am excited. i feel pretty awesome that i am accomplishing this. my novel, however, is nowhere close to actually being finished. and i have no idea when i will finally finish this first draft of it. it may be years from now because once nanowrimo is over i will probably not work on it much.
after all, it's time to get back to reality, buckle down, and study like crazy so i can improve some of the grades i currently have.

also, i have other stuff i really need to work on. i owe four people artwork that i really ought to finish by the end of december. so i really need to get working on that soon here.


all my love,

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