Wednesday, February 2, 2011

fantasies and realities collide

it's like falling asleep talking on the phone to someone, only to dream that you are still awake talking on the phone to them, only to wake up and realize that you are, in fact, still holding the phone up to your ear, but there is no longer anyone on the other end.

yes, i keep falling asleep on the phone. but i swear, i'll be wide awake and then the next thing i know, i'm waking up again, realizing i just passed out cold yet again. (this never happened to me before when i wished it could).

in this day and age, information is not passed along by word of mouth, where storytellers spin wondrous tales of epic proportions, but rather cold, emotionless text to be viewed on computer screens.

our prince, the hero of this tale, does not hear of the lonely, suffering princess from the gentle folk of nearby villages. he does not hear it from an old, travelling, retired sorceror. no.

our princess is a poet, an artist,

a blog writer.

she spends her days locked away in the tower of this dark, cold castle, blogging and submitting tragic poetry, pleas that someone would rescue her.

It will be a modern-day fairytale. Instead of a white knight riding in a horse to save the princess locked away in the tower by her evil father, it will be the unlikely hero who comes along in a van to take the princess away, the princess being the one who stands up to the evil father and escapes his grips. Don't know how the story ends yet, but it's likely they will live happily ever after.

but then, there is reality.

reality dictates that there be something to counteract this happy occasion.

the princess has fallen ill. and for days she goes on, trapped in a world of constant pain and exhaustion. and her lovely prince is forced to watch as his one true love wastes away in his arms.

shall the princess be doomed to suffer forever?

(i'll let you know if anything ever changes).

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