Thursday, February 24, 2011

stand still

so basically i haven't really blogged lately because frankly i have nothing to say.

i am actually a really lame person unless you really understand what's going through my head at all, even for a moment.

just picked up an application for an individual pharmacy. maybe the fact that i've gone through school now will help. don't really like the fact that they use a generic application. you'd think they could take the time to at least add the name of their business at the top or something. in fact, they should hire me and I could make it all spiffy for them (i definitely know how after taking that computer class last term).

i've applied to every walgreens and cvs and whatever else basically that's close enough for me to walk to or take the bus to. unfortunately, the bus system is kinda screwy around here so i'm trying to stick to the simpler parts of it.

i'm trying to keep up with some individual studying before time comes to take the certification exam. i'm fairly confident i'll pass it though, considering i did as well as i did on the practice test.

i have a lot of things i have to keep track of. have to go talk to financial aid at my school about loans because honestly i still don't know what the fuck i'm supposed to do with them. and all they did was sent me some thing to read that supposedly counts as "exit counseling" which is total bs if you ask me. i'm setting up an appointment to actually talk to them about it. i'm not signing some paper saying i read some little pamphlet they sent for it to count. no.

been drawing. still don't have a tablet. right now would be a nice time to get one though since i have some free time. oh well. it may never happened, since the person who promised to get me one promised to get me one over a year ago and continues to spend large amounts of money on other things (even though he complains he's having money issues and needs to try to get the electric bill lower)

but i digress. okay, maybe not. (i just felt like saying that).

i am quite happy with myself. i'm really coming into my own, really figuring out who i am. i have a fairly good idea of what i want in life, and am taking the needed steps towards what i want.

i am listening to my heart and my mind at the same time. i am doing what i want, though carefully, yet still taking chances.

it's a good feeling.

all my love,

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