Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sorrow lasts through this night

i'll take this piece of you...

so...i'm in my fourth week of school. one more week and then i get a break.

but getting down to the core...i'm sad. like...majorly sad. depressed. something inside me hurts. plus i'm having all this nausea and tonight a lot of breathing trouble and chest pain. the chest pain can get really bad sometimes. and yet, my doctor says that most likely it's anxiety.

and i'm thinking...well why the heck do i have anxiety right now. but i guess part of it at least is worrying too much about the future. i think about what's ahead too much. it freaks me out when i do. ugh.

love love love love fall apart now. can't figure out how
to win.

the loneliness sets in again.

all my love,

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