Saturday, January 14, 2012

life goes on.

something constant here with time and that life goes on. no matter where i go or where i fall.
things are always going.
stuck in this day to day struggle from within that is all i know to rely on. happiness is only moments, only when i am whole. the rest of the time, i am still the same.

still the same broken, lost soul trying to find a more permanent escape.

life wears on me as it always has. i need help but i have nowhere to go.

i am hoping i can get insurance eventually and go back into therapy and try again with medications because honestly it would be worth trying. i have realized that i can't really get by and live and enjoy anything like this.

i need to find a way to really live. not just in those precious moments, but always.

each day leaves me more tired. i just need a chance to rest, rest in the quiet. make all the voices and dark thoughts and confusion go away.

i just dont know where to begin.

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