Sunday, June 12, 2011

adventures of summer

i'm having an interesting summer so far. exciting, though.

my graduation ceremony is on Thursday. i'm not big on the whole thing, but i know a lot of people are anxious to see me.

next day, i'm headed out on the road with my buddy (my awesome grandmother) and we are going to oklahoma. taking the doggies with us, too. i just went for the rabies shot today, and had to walk home afterwards, the whole 3 miles or so almost entirely uphill to get back to my house a little after noon. not so fun, but i do what i have to do.

been pushing myself a lot lately to see how far i can go. exploring the area a bit. walking all over the places, up to 10 miles in one day, even.

and thanks to the generosity of a friend, i was finally able to get the tattoo i wanted (the concept of which changed little since about 15 years ago when i first decided i wanted it). i was nervous about it, worried it would hurt, but honestly it didn't hurt much at all and only took about an hour to be completed. the first time the needle hit my skin i though..."really? that's it?" i guess i psyched myself out a bit and thought it would hurt. part of my nervousness was due to the location,, on my upper back, where i sometimes have spasms, but all was well, and i am super happy with the results.

i am very much looking forward to this trip and seeing some family and getting away from the biodad (who only complains more and more as time goes on).

don't know where i'm headed yet. it would be nice to find a decent job in the area so i could stick around here (i really need to find something that will enable me to live on my own). i keep trying, but i haven't had too much luck.

i wish you all well.

all my love,

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