Saturday, June 23, 2012

love is the drug.

i am a disaster. i think i have a problem. because whenever i am home alone i feel broken. i feel lost. i have an obsession with this need to feel loved. always. love is my drug.
it has made many relationships before hurt me more than they should have. it has caused me to stray when love is too far away.

the truest of feelings and i have this intense longing to always have it with me.
amor est spiritus qui nos alet.

i'm a wreck, really. between the emotional up and downs is this lost, scared person. i know myself so well but i falter because i feel like something isn't right. i am only one half of something that makes such perfect sense.

this is the best thing i've ever had. we compliment each other. it is obvious, this is meant to be, if anything ever was. there is never a doubt, a thought that it might not work out.

but i am a prisoner internally to that precious, wonderful feeling.

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